This website is not and is not intended to be profitable. I’ve worked in IT for a little over a decade and finding fixes on random websites has saved the day more than once. This is my way of (hopefully) contributing back to that.

There are no ads on this website. I do not collect or sell data. Any products mentioned or reviewed on this website are not sponsored. No posts are written by AI.

There are a couple ways to donate. Please only do so if you are financially stable. I put this information out for free and the website doesn’t cost too much to run.

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I try to keep this site something that I would read without getting annoyed.
– No corporate speak
– No long intros or stories (excluding this page)
– The website’s layout is intentionally basic
– There is exactly one page (this one) with links asking for money
– No subscription popups. There’s a section at the bottom of the page template for that.