EverDrive 64 Setup and Custom Background

Steps to setup EverDrive 64 and use a custom background

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The SD2SNES is a flash cart for the N64 that lets you play games from an SD card on a N64. This includes some fan translations and hacks.

There are a few versions of the EverDrive 64. I’m using an X7 in this post.
The process should be the same for most models.
Here’s the table from Krikzz’s site comparing the X5 and X7.

Make sure you’re buying from Krikzz or an official reseller!
There are some subpar clones out there. You can get a genuine versions on Amazon for better shipping options just be careful when searching and read the reviews.

Short version

Download firmware
Format SD card to FAT32
Extract BIOS to <SD card root>:\ED64
Put ROMs anywhere



Downloading Firmware

Download and extract the EverDrive 64 firmware

Formatting SD card

Format SD card to FAT32 using fat32format.
Make sure you have the correct drive selected before formatting.

If you see a Failed to open device error check that you are running the program as an administrator and you do not have file explorer open. You will need to close file explorer even if you’re browsing a different directory.

Copying firmware and ROMs to SD card

Copy the ED64 directory to the root of the SD card (ex: G:\ED64)

You can put the roms anywhere.
I created a folder called roms for all roms and put a few favorites in root for quick access.
The EverDrive 64 can open .v64 .n64 and .z64 formats. If your roms are compressed (.7z or .zip) you’ll need to extract them.

Other directories

Here’s a list of other files directories used by the EverDrive 64

<SD card root>:\ED64 system root
<SD card root>:\ED64\cheats Cheat files
<SD card root>:\ED64\emu Emulators
<SD card root>:\ED64\patcher Patch files for ips/aps auto patcher
<SD card root>:\ED64\save Save data
<SD card root>:\ED64\sys Cartridge system files
<SD card root>:\ED64\save_db.txt Special ROM configurations
<SD card root>:\ED64\OS64.v64 ED64 OS core

Custom Background

Backgrounds must be in jpg format with 320×240 resolution max size 150KB
Copy your background image to <SD card root>:\ED64\bgr on the SD card (ex: G:\ED64\bgr)

Press Z to open the menu then select System Folder and press A

Select bgr and press A

Select the jpg you want to use for the background and press A then Set background

Press B twice to return to the main menu