Neo Geo ROMs on MiSTer FPGA

This posts explains how to use darksoft-to-neosd with Darksoft Neo Geo 2020-05-12 ROM pack.


I downloaded everything to c:\temp\neogeo in the examples below.
Disclaimer: Remember to scan any files you download for viruses before opening or running them.


Create an output directory. I’m using c:\temp\neogeo\out in this example.

Extract Darksoft Neo Geo 2020-05-12.7z

Extract or clone (command below) darksoft-to-neosd to c:\temp\neogeo\darksoft-to-neogeo\ and cd to the directory.

git clone

Extract NeoBuilder then copy the order.txt file to the darksoft-to-neogeo directory.

copy "C:\temp\neogeo\NeoBuilderUI_1.06\order.txt" "C:\temp\neogeo\darksoft-to-neosd"

Browse to c:\temp\neogeo\darksoft-to-neogeo\ and open a prompt (ctrl + right click).
Run python -x -w “<DarkSoft location>\games” “<output directory>”
-x: Includes hacks
-w: Includes homebrews

python -x -w "c:\temp\neogeo\Darksoft Neo Geo 2020-05-12\games" "c:\temp\neogeo\out"

The script will output status for each ROM and return to a prompt when done.

Copy the .neo files in your output directory (C:\temp\neogeo\out) to your MiSTer’s SD card under <SD Card>:\games\NEOGEO.


This step is optional.
You can use NeoValidator.exe in the NeoBuilderUI directory to validate the games after converting them.
Click the Choose Neo Dir button and select your output directory then start.

You may see some errors with hacks, homebrews and a few games (kf2003pcb and kof10th) with known issues. See the NeoBuilderUI readme.txt for more information.

Romsets and BIOS files

The NeoGeo core also needs romsets.xml and BIOS files in your MiSTer’s SD card under <SD Card>:\games\NEOGEO.


You can download the NeoGeo romsets.xml (right click Raw > Save link as…) file from NeoGeo MiSTer’s core github page.

BIOS files

You’ll have to search for these online.

Here’s a link to uni-bios.rom.

I was able to play games without neo-epo.sp1, but I haven’t tried all of them.