Changing time zone with command prompt and PowerShell

Last tested with win10 21H1. Who knows if it’ll work tomorrow.

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If you’re getting errors with time zones not saving (this could be a GPO issue) when changing in the UI and the old way with timedate.cpl you can try with command prompt or powershell.


List time zones with tzutil /l. This will list every time zone.

tzutil /l

Copy the value on the second line. In the example below the time zone name is Central Standard Time
(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Central Standard Time
You can set the time zone with the time zone name using tzutil /s “<time zone>”

tzutil /s "Central Standard Time"


Get- and Set-TimeZone are the powershell equivalents.
Get a list of all time zones with Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable

Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable

You can filter results with the usual PS tricks.

Get-TimeZone *central*

Once you have the time zone ID you can set it with Set-TimeZone.

Set-TimeZone "Central Standard Time"

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