GTA 3 on Windows 10 (2019)

Most files and information can be found on the GTA 3 widescreen fix page. I have also provided a mirror on this site if they are unavailable. Remember to scan all files before opening them.


These files were downloaded on 04/07/2019 and will not be kept up to date. Check the GTA 3 widescreen fix github page for updates if these files do not work.


GTA 3 from Steam will run correctly on Windows 10. You will need the widescreen fix to run the game at “true” widescreen.

The Widescreen frontend fix is option. It will fix some UI bugs (menu fading, crosshair accuracy, etc.) and scale the menu items correctly.
GTA 3 may not capture your mouse.

You can install Dual Monitor Tools and assign a key combo to lock your cursor to one screen.

Setup is pretty easy

  • Install GTA 3 from Steam/etc.
  • Download widescreen fix and frontend fix. Extract both archives into your GTA 3 install directory (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto 3). Overwrite any files if prompted.
  • Launch gta3.exe and install DirectPlay if prompted
  • You may need to close Steam and launch gta3.exe directly the first time if the game crashes after installing DirectPlay.


GTA 3 does not have an in-game map. Here are a few copies. (Right click > Save Link As to save)

Save Editor

The Steam version works with the save editor if you’re bugged or a dirty cheater.

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  1. Lee

    Dude you are awesome. This game was my adolescence because my mom beat me up and barred me from consoles; thus playing DS and PC games on the sly late at night. This may explain why I became nocturnal in my college years.

    In less discomfiting news, I’m the noncanonically-gay,singing-robots-avatar twitter-account that liked a bunch of game-related tweets of yours.

    1. VariXx Author

      Depends on the version you have. The mods listed work on the Steam versions. I haven’t tested this with the rockstar launcher versions.

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