Windows 10 2004 no internet icon / internet check bug


Text you’ll skip

There’s a bug with Windows 10 2004 which fails the internet check when you are connected to the internet. This isn’t a problem for most applications but some (Outlook, Teams, Spotify?) use this check instead of checking for internet on their own.

If you’re reading this you’re probably already frustrated with it and don’t want a bunch of text. Here’s the registry key:

Registry entry



Change from 0 to 1


Here’s a link to a .reg file if you need it. Usual disclaimer: backup your registry before running this and do not trust random registry entries from the internet.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Where does it look?

From what I’ve read this checks
It’s a text file that says “Microsoft Connect Test”.

This is HTTP so you could probably redirect the DNS to a local webserver with that .txt file on it. I haven’t tried this but if you have a bunch of machines and can’t push the registry out to them it might be worth a try. Here’s a gist with the info.

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