Updating firmware on Procurve (Aruba) switch with console and TFTP

Skip to the commands section for the short version. Download the latest procurve firmware for your model and copy the .swi file to a directory (ex: c:\temp). Setting up TFTP server I’m using TFTPServer in this post. If you already have one you can skip to the commands section. Set TFTP root directory Open TFTP […]


UPnP / NAT Types for Consoles on pfsense

Short Version Give the console a reservation/static IP – /services_dhcp.php Enable UPnP – /pkg_edit.php?xml=miniupnpd.xml Create an outbound NAT (change to hybrid if needed) for the IP – /firewall_nat_out.php Why? If you’re having connection or matchmaking issues in games you might be in strict NAT mode. Most consoles (and some PC games) recommend UPnP. There are […]